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Cute dog apparel and pet clothes for spring, plus popular dog toys and pet supplies at grreat prices.

Whirly Dog Supplies was inspired by a little rescue dog who was in need of a Lot of Love and Devotion.
Read the story of how the company began through companionship and selfless acts of love, on Whirly Dog Supplies' About Us Page

Whirly Dog Supplies creates dog clothing that is different then other dog clothes manufacturers and retailers, we orginally designed Dog Clothes and Pet Apparel for people who needed quality dog clothing that is easy to use. People with disabilities, time constraints, or with special needs will find that the majority of our pet apparel easy to put on and take off their dogs while still looking great and made with the best quality materials on the market today.

quality, stylish, fashionable, unique dog clothes made by Whirly Dog Supplies

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    Cute Dog Apparel and Pet Clothes. Also, find quality name brand popular dog toys and pet supplies your pet will love.

    Whirly Dog Supplies Loves Their Customers and Their Customer's Pets! Satisfaction Guaranteed.

    Whirly Dog Supplies is an Online Store - We do not have a storefront
    You may place orders 24 hours per day.

    If you have questions, please email us at info@whirlydogsupplies.com
    Our mailing address is : 20121 SE Stark Street, Portland, Oregon 97233, USA

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